Getting More Familiar with Real Estate Owned

Buying REO properties is another investment opportunity that exists in the real estate
industry. Many investors consider this kind of property investment mainly because of the
advantages it offers to those who want to earn from the real estate.

If you want to get involved with REO investing, you need to be aware that is is quite different
from buying properties on the retail market. This is where your patience will be tested and
need to be equipped with the right information for you to succeed in this type of venture.
For sure you already have some ideas about REO in mind. But, in this article, you will be
more with it and become a smarter investor.


What is REO Property?

Real estate owned (REO) can be either a residential property or a commercial property being
repossessed by a bank or a mortgage lender.

When a property owner was not able to meet all the mortgage requirements or mortgage
obligations, it can lead the lender to initiate some foreclosure proceedings to recoup the
investment costs,
There are times that these properties fail to be sold during the auctions, or the lenders still
have the highest bid. So, the lender is going to assume the ownership. Then, these
properties will become REO, and the bank or the mortgage company will put it on the
market to find a buyer.

What Makes REO Interesting?

There are several reasons why many people are getting more interested in buying real
estate owned properties than those on the retail market.

Many investors find REO investment more attractive when compared to traditional property.
That is because lenders are very much motivated to get rid of these properties. Meaning, if
you are an investor, you will be able to have a considerable chance to acquire the property
in very favorable terms. Also, you can negotiate several aspects of the sale, which include
the closing costs and the final purchase price.

With REO properties, you will be able to pay less than when you purchase a seller-owned
property. Most often, real estate owned properties are priced low at market value, making it
a great deal for many buyers.

Also, if you are going to buy an REO property directly from the lender or the bank, you will
find it less stressful. That is because you will be able to eliminate potential issues. During the
regular sale, the procedure can be emotional since the homeowner is involved. But, with
REO, you do not need to be concerned about the sentiments that are linked to the property
during the negotiation process because you only have to deal with the lender or bank.


Getting the REO Listings

Getting the real estate owned listings is much easier these days. One of the fastest and
easiest ways is through searching online. There are websites with built-in methods that can
help you get great REO listings where you can use the search engine to find specific

Many websites that offer real estate products have an extensive database dedicated to
residential and commercial listings. If using a device together with an Internet connection is
not your thing, you can perform the REO property search by going and meeting the lenders

If your option is going to large banks, you can find them with a department intended for REO
realty. To ensure that these banks have these kinds of properties, you can check the listings
on their website. Also, you can talk to a person who is responsible for overseeing the sales
process for you to understand how you can buy the property directly from the bank.

Most often the process of buying real estate become stress-free of you is going to work with
real estate agents. Aside from the better understanding of the REO realty, they also know
well the process of buying and handling of sales. Also, they can provide you proper guidance
in the REO investments, especially when they have the specialization on REO properties.

Buying REO Properties

When you chose REO realty, finding a suitable property is less challenging. You can opt for
going to REO properties company and help you locate what you are looking for. You may see
minor challenges during the negotiations, but finding the properties is not a problem.

As a buyer, the responsibility for the expenses for repairs or upgrades will be all yours. Both
appraisal and inspection will be part of the purchase process until you make an offer, and
the seller accepts it. So, it would be wiser to include a clause in your agreement where the
seller must allow a retraction if, during the inspection, there are some issues with the
structure. This can help you save money from potential repairs.

Facts When Writing an REO Property Offer

 Verbal offers are rarely responded to, considered, or accepted.
 Sellers do not respond to offers during weekends or holidays.
 Sales terms and contingencies are considered in determining the buyer that sellers
will enter into a contract.
 Response time of five to seven business or even longer are unusual.
 Sellers may reject the offer with no counter.
 Sellers are exempted from property disclosure and never occupied the property.
 Buyers should rely on their property inspections.


All REO properties are sold with no guarantees

 Offers that are subject to financing require a pre-approval letter stating that the
credit card of the buyer has been reviewed.
 Sellers will complete no additional repairs to what has been already completed.
 If you prefer reaching the listing agent of the seller by phone, you need to leave only
one message.
 Email is the preferred way of contacting listing agents since most responses are by
 Once your offer has been sent to the seller for the final approval, all the offers after
that will be considered as back up offers.
 Cash offers require for “Proof of funds” which is generally a letter coming from the
bank of the buyer stating the funds is readily available.
Now, you acquire better ideas about real estate owned. This way, you can do better offers and end up
with the property you desire with great deals.