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The growing desire of individuals to have their own homes is increasing. Everyone has a dream home where they want to spend their life but it is not easy to find your dream home. Miramar International Inc has been established keeping in mind the growing desires of the individual to find the perfect home. Located in Bakersfield we are involved in the community and we know the community. If anyone can find you the house of your dreams, it’s Miramar International Inc.

Today people want the best of everything, whether it’s their house or anything else. We understand that the time when you will selected the first property tha you were shown is a thing of the past. 

Miramar will be there every step of the way. We are here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.




Sell Your Bakersfield Home With Miramar International Inc.

No matter if you are buying a home or selling a home, Miramar International, Inc. is here to help. We have put togehter a free guide for Buying or Selling a home. Use the links bellow to get your free copy.

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About short sale, everything’s should have to know

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Why list with me?

Miramar International Inc is the best place for listing your property. The market trusts our lists and buyers know we will provide them with the best property. It means that once you list your home with us you will only get the trusted buyers. Our mission is to assure that you can sell your house…

Why you should hire a professional real estate agent

  Buying or selling the house is not an easy task. Most of the people think that they can easily handle the process but the lack of information often makes them finalize the deal that is not profitable for them. This is the reason you should not make the mistake of selling your home yourself.…

Where to find the best real estate agent

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  • "Miguel is very helpful person. Fully trustful and we did lot of deal threw him . He is very negotiable and make a good deal.very punctual,available anytime"

  • "Great Realtor to work with. We Closed on time with no hassles. Smooth Transaction, I would definitely used him again and would strongly recommend him to my friends."

  • "Miguel helped my daughter and her family to find a wonderful house at a very good price, He is very knowledgeable agent, and honest He did explain us about the schools in the neighborhood. Also he did explain us about the house as well."

    franko54 gut
  • "Miguel Garcia is a great real estate professional. He is our real estate agent for many years. Miguel helped my family to buy many investment properties. Miguel is very reliable, with awesome negotiation skills. I highly recommend Miguel Garcia as real estate agent."

    gs grewal2000
  • "MIguel helped me purchase my units in Bakersfield. He is very a good real estate agent. I recommend my investors that purchase in Bakersfield to Miguel."

  • "I bought my current house from Miguel Garcia and he's very knowledgeable and very helpful. I feel comfortable to refer him all my friend and family to someone that I really trust and know what's his doing to help people with a dream house :). Now he's helping me selling my house and helping me to  find a new one. Thank you Miguel I appreciate it all you do for me and family 🙂 you're very honest and very professional. "

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